The Omega Tower Histories

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.......

There lived Mr. Porcupine. He lived under the Large Pine Tree. Every morning when he woke up he could see the dew drops glisten on the pink and purple flowers outside his window. Some mornings, Z'glark the Pixie would stop by to say Hello. Since this usually involved quite a bit of pain and bloodshed, Mr. Porcupine looked forward to it. In fact....

HOLD ON, hold on, what's all this about sadistic porcupines?

Oh, my gosh!! That's what I was reading last night. I really don't know how that got in here. That's not what this web site is about. Sorry.

Well, OK, but get to the right story then. And NO Pixies!!!!!

Yes, right. Well, then where to start? Well, I suppose we should start here.